I am the ideal lover, I just demand that you give yourself completely in my bed.

About me

Nashita, as my closest friends call me, I was born on October 1, 1980, in Paranavaì, a city inside Paraná state.

My childhood was wonderful, I lived free playing in the streets, in the middle of the trees, riding a bicycle, playing volleyball ...

I learned from an early age to develop alone.

One of the places I liked to visit was the small town house of our maternal grandparents, where I could walk in the car with my grandfather, milking cows and collect the eggs of the hens with my grandmother, harvest the strawberries from the garden and also peel the corn to feed the animals ..

I have always been very connected with nature and with all the things in life. The affection for animals was also something that I discovered from a very young age, I loved taking care of our puppies and cats.

I also had a strong connection with the horses and I was the most intrepid of my brothers.

For the rest, I was always very adventurous and I was never afraid of anything.

I also consider pop art to be one of my passions, I love the colors and the joy it represents, I love castles, series, sincere smiles, true people.

I consider myself a very philanthropic person with others, but I can also be selfish.

My sexuality can be described as PANSEXUAL, the beauty of each one is inside and with me you will be able to live a real and very close experience, the ice will break delicately, you will notice it from the moment you enter through my door, I am not Shy, so I will help you if you enter the game, so we will achieve together disconnect the mind for a few hours together, to be able to have fun and have good memories of this moment that we will enjoy together.


I like the appointments to be scheduled in advance to prepare every minimal detail. A good shower, cream and I always wear a touch of perfume without abusing, a little simple and discreet makeup. I choose a sensual and provocative lingerie and clothes with the I'm going to receive you.

I always like the classic and elegant touch, accompanied by some heels to give the whole the perfect final touch.

As for the room, I like to prepare our bed thoroughly, with clean sheets, leaving everything ready for passion to flow naturally.

Punctuality is an essential issue for me.

Each appointment with me, is a different experience, it is important that we enjoy both completely, I like things to come naturally, so I not have the same attention with everyone, surrender according to the moment, and that we both enjoy without deception.

I love preparing the details of our meeting, such as being punctual early in the morning, having breakfast and having a very close time.


I invite you to meet me in every corner of my house and my body.

I receive in a discreet apartment, in the neighborhood of Cuatro Caminos, with parking nearby. It is a very discreet apartment with other offices in the building, so the entrance is very discreet.

Surely you will like it is a very clean place with a bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen, and all these places are available to be together.

Do you would like to have me in your arms in my kitchen? For me is possible.

Enjoy being with a woman who likes passionate conquest, play, those who give themselves completely to pleasure and who love being in the company of pleasant and educated people who know how to treat a woman well, respect and Intelligence are two topics that I love, if you consider yourself this person, I assure you that we will spend unforgettable moments for both.


Height: 174 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Measurements: 100 - 60 -85

Eye colors: Marrón

Complexion: Thin

Foot measure 39,5


Color: Black

Books:  Psychology and Criminal, erotic stories.

Garment: Jeans and Shirt.

Complement: Pendant, Watch.


Just a moment: When i'm writing.

A drink: White wine, fruity.

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